Terms of service

Welcome to IBSwallet Best Dollar buy, sell and wallet Exchanger in BD

  1. Our order process usually takes 20 minutes maximum 2 hours to complete. (for PayPal & Payoneer it can takes maximum 24 hours if there is no issue)
  2. Customer need to bear their own wallet transaction fee. Like if you need exact 21$ of skrill or NETELLER you need to pay with their transaction fee. (minimum 0.62$ for skrill, 0.50$ for NETELLER and 0.80% for WebMoney)
  3. Sometimes we need further details about you to complete your payment. (It's define user Authenticity)
  4. If you need any instant support or payment confirmation feel free to call us. You can find our contact details on the contact page. (24/7 support ])
  5. For reason of better service we aren't provide any types of advance payment. (You need to pay first to get your required service) 
  6. Depends on supply and demand also security purpose we have ability to control our gateway. (If you can't find any service on the send or Receive option you need to wait further or you can place a request on [email protected] or via live chat)
  7. For PayPal Sending from user end you need to send USD buy using friends and family option from your account. (goods and service, Gift payment won't be acceptable)
  8. When you order PayPal as receive option we will  send it by using Goods and Service (payment) feature. 
  9. If you want to buy PayPal USD you must have a verified account to place your order. verified means it must have verified by card or bank, email and also phone. (limited account will not be able to place an order as well). Note:- so if any place an order without following these guideline we have ability to freeze their payment amount.
  10. Usually we takes payment over the "bKash agent and ROCKET agent" if you want to buy USD by using personal you need to bear the gateway transaction fee. Note:- for bkash personal it will be 1.85% and 1.80% for rocket.
  11. Our working period 10 AM to 11 PM (GMT +6) if you need any further assistant or have to send or receive payment you must have to confirm us before place an order. You can contact us over the live chat, WhatsApp, imo, viber, email and also facebook fan page. Visit or click on Contact for further info. Note:- after office hour you can buy any kind of service by using bKash and Rocket personal.
  12. If you have an urgency and want to get payment within 10 minutes use bkash or rocket personal to reduce time period.Note:- for agent it usually takes 20 minutes maximum 2 hours to proceed. 
  13. For PayPal & Payoneer gateway you have to exchange minimum 50$.
  14. Our Refund process can takes up to 24 hours. ( bkash, rocket and 2% process fee will applicable from your desired amount )
  15. For selling Webmoney contact us before exchange.

  16. If we are facing any kind of issue from PayPal we have right to ask you for dispute.  

  17. We do not support any kind of scamming and fraudulent fund. If we found any kind of reasonable ground we have right to block your payment and also have ability to block your future transaction as well.